Define your data science and AIstrategy, identify the use-cases which will deliver bottom line growth for yourbusiness and build the product roadmap you can believe in.

Solution Development

Design and develop AI solutions, from solution architecture, through tomodel development, testing and deployment.

Solution Re-engineering

Re-engineer existing solutions to become more reliable, robust andautomated, and reduce time spent on fixing issues, so more time can be spentdeveloping new solutions and features.

Our Focus

Industry Focus

Consumer Goods

With a deep understanding of consumer data, we have enabled brands to understand their market landscape; emerging consumer trends; and consumer behavior's.


We have worked with retail clients on AI use-cases, such applying advanced NLP to product reviews, through to building chatbots for eCommerce stores, and developing personalization and recommendation engines.

Market Research

We have a track record working with market research companies, on use-cases such as consumer segmentation, market forecasting, and consumer trend analysis. Combining quant and qual survey data, search data, with social compelling consumer insights.

Technology Focus

Data Science & Engineering Strategy

We work with clients to define their AI strategy from the ground up, including use-case identification, product roadmap development, operating model design, and AI governance.

Natural Language Processing

Our expertise lies in applying Large Language Models such as GPT-3, BERT and Bloom to consumer data. We have developed solutions for a range of NLP tasks applied to source such as social data, product reviews and legal contracts.

ML Engineering & MLOps

Working with clients on designing and engineering ML solutions has led to the development of accurate and reliable ML models using MLOps methods, such as model monitoring and continuous learning.